Touching the Stillness
Online Radio Meditation Resource
Touching the Stillness is a beloved and popular radio program hosted by Rev. Paulette Pipe on the Unity Online Radio network; and is unlike anything you may have experienced before. Tune in each week to learn about and engage in various forms of meditations, and hear tips and tools from our host and her engaging guests on how to sustain your practice.
Prayer Intentions
Submit a Prayer
Affirmative Prayer is a way to give expression to, or affirm the Truth our intellect is trying to grasp. Our Touching the Stillness Prayer Box is a resource tool you can use to submit a prayer for yourself or a loved one or pray affirmatively with another. If you don't know where to begin click on our Prayer Resources page for some prayer treatments you can use. Or, just simply saying "Thank You," is enough.
Meditation Resources
Sacred Space for Stillness
Meditation is not only a way to give the mind a breather, in all its various forms it also has the potential to calm our nervous system, promote and maintain balance in our lives, deepen our intuition, enhance our brain function, enhance well-being, and cultivate compassion and kindness. The good news is: there's more than one way to meditate -- and stopping our thoughts is not one of them.