Touching the Stillness
Resources for Prayer-Powered-Living!
Touching the Stillness Ministries empowers, inspires, and motivates spiritual seekers to experience God in stillness through different forms of compelling, centering prayer practices. Created in 2009, by Rev. Paulette Pipe, it acts as a spiritual conduit dedicated to providing dynamic resources & ideas for audacious, bold, and courageous prayer-powered living!
Sacred Sound of Silence
Meditation is a way to give the mind a breather! In all its various forms, it has the potential to draw us inward from the everyday stresses of our daily lives and move our attention from our head, into our heart-space. Eventually, we find ourselves resting in the sacred space of silence where ideas are incubated, healing is instigated, and peace is instilled.
Sanctuary for the Soul
Affirmative Prayer is a way to give expression to, or affirm the Truth, our intellect is trying to grasp. It’s a powerful tool to use – not to cajole, beseech or impress God but to change our perception of the situation before us. Contemplative prayer takes us beyond words; it provides sanctuary for the soul and a deeper realization of our true Divine nature in God.