What We Offer

Through this vehicle of Touching the Stillness Ministries we have the opportunity to present a variety of deeply powerful prayer and meditation resources, experiences, and events, all of which are designed to not only be effective, impactful, and life-enhancing, while also offering practical, user-friendly tips and tools for sustaining a spiritual practice.
Now that’s when each of us can really make audacious, bold, and courageous prayer-powered living a way of being!

Here’s a sample list of the kind of events we offer.
You can also visit our Events page to view current activities.


  • “Touching the Stillness Silent Retreat” held annually at Unity Village
  • “Journey to the Inner Center” Prayer Retreat
  • “An Oasis of Stillness” One-day Retreat
  • “Simple Joys; Zesty Living” Retreat
  • “Divine by Design” Women’s Retreat
  • “If I Were Brave!” Retreat (also available as a two-hour workshop)
  • “The Prayer Experience” Retreat – a bi-annual Awaken Whole Life Center Retreat facilitated by Rev. Paulette every other year during the same week as World Day of Prayer. Next Prayer Experience is September 2016.


  • “If I Were Brave” – Two-hour workshop version
  • “Mini Oasis of Stillness Retreat” – Two-hour workshop version
  • “Calming Connections: Praying With Our Hands” – based on powerful mudra meditations
  • “Balancing the Chakras” – Chakra Meditation workshop with sound and visualisation


  • Monthly “Dance Your Own Dance” Music and Movement Meditation
  • “The Prayer Experience” – a signature program based on the premise of the prayer segment of the radio broadcast
  • Keynote or guest speaker by invitation; and officiant at special services, such as Weddings, Memorial, Christenings, or House Blessings etc.
  • “TLC Outreach Retreats” – giving back to the community by organising free of charge retreats for employees of caring organisations and charities, which offer tips and tools for stress reduction and self-care.


To request more details for how to book a retreat, event, or speaking engagement go to Contact. Or, click Calendar for listings of events in your area.

“Your Divine by Design Women’s retreat was completely life-changing for me! I loved it! I was able to turn off my cell-phone for three days and devote time just for me. I came to understand more clearly who I am and discover my life’s calling, which I’m now in the process of pursuing. Thank you!”Marie S.Chicago, IL

“I had no idea what to expect…but I knew the instant I saw you that you ARE an incredible healer and that you were there to help change my life! I came to you feeling almost broken down and with all of my “tanks” on empty – day by day I could feel them filling up. With all of my heart and soul I thank you, and offer blessings to you and your ministry.” Debra G.DeLand, Florida


    Touching the Stillness on Unity Online Radio, is a lively prayer and meditation program that broadcasts live each week at 11:00AM CST (Noon EST).

    Touching the Stillness Meditation CD, features three distinct mesmerizing meditations that can either be listened to separately or all in one sitting; and features original music by R&B songwriting artist, Kelley Hunt.

    Support is also offered through prayer-centered coaching and prayer partnerships. Go to Contact if you would like to request an appointment.