What We Do


Rev. Paulette Pipe

I was almost 30 years-old before I first heard about meditation – at least consciously, anyway. And when I did, it aroused something so familiar in me that my soul declared, “I can do that!” This was back in 1991, and as it turned out my soul was right! Enlivening meditation – along with affirmative prayer – is the spiritual gift that gets me out of bed every day to share my passion with the world.

Fast forward from that first experience of meditation to the year 2007 when, now an ordained Unity Minister, I’m trying to come up with an appropriate name for my debut Meditation CD.

As it happens, I didn’t have to look any further than the vision board (treasure-map) hanging expectantly on the wall. I had created this “visual prayer” as a way to help bring my dream into manifestation. Pasted on the board, along with the other images depicting the essence and energy of what I hoped to create, were magazine cut-outs of three little stones with a single word written on each: ‘Stillness’, ‘Love’, and ‘Peace’.

Though I had seen the stones multiple times before, in that moment the words instantaneously jumped off the vision board and etched into my soul. The veil cleared from my awareness and like a bolt out of the blue I suddenly saw it! Love, peace, and stillness were “touchstones” of our meditation practice, which we could experience during those times when we were – Touching the Stillness!

Voila! There it was – the name for the meditation CD, which subsequently became the name of my radio broadcast on Unity Online Radio, and then the name of the prayer and meditation ministry that I established in April 2009.

This ministry, affiliated with Unity, has been created as much more than an organization with not-for-profit status. Touching the Stillness Ministries is a spiritual oasis that provides resources for those seeking calm in the midst of the movement of life. It’s a conduit for experiencing deeper connections with God, through various forms of meditation and prayer. It’s a practical, yet dynamic way of life, which supports wellbeing in mind, body and soul – no matter where we are on the spiritual path, at any given moment.

“What I personally appreciate about Rev. Paulette Pipe is that whenever I’m in her presence I touch the stillness through her…She is so connected to Source that it radiates right into my own soul.”Rev Patricia BassFormer Senior Minister, Unity Church of Overland Park, KS

“Paulette, your ministry name says it all! You have this way of making it so simple and comfortable for others to ‘touch the stillness’ with confidence, and find that deeper connection with God we are looking for. I so appreciate you and all the fantastic work you are doing!”
Rotimi M.Somerset, Bermuda


“Touching the Stillness Ministries is a vibrant, tithing, thriving, prayer and meditation ministry whose mission is to demonstrate and inspire in others audacious, bold, and courageous prayer-powered living!”


“Touching the Stillness Ministries is a global spiritual organization, synonymous with prayer and meditation practices designed to create exhilarating and meaningful connections with God, which deepen our spiritual awareness, and transform our lives.”


  • The importance of a life of prayer, and incorporating an intentional meditation practice into our daily routines;
  • The principles of putting God first in everything, based on the scripture
    Matt. 6:33 “Seek first the kingdom of God…and all these things will be yours as well.”
  • The importance of using spiritual principle to live creative lives with passion and purpose;
  • The practice of joyful tithing and sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure, while also being open to receive;
  • Attributes such as authenticity, boldness, integrity, love, and gratitude.