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The Touching the Stillness radio broadcast, with Rev. Paulette Pipe is unlike anything you may have experienced before. Tune in each week to hear a compelling, soul-stirring meditation that takes you deep but leaves you jazzed. Hear Rev. Paulette raise the roof as she partners in prayer with listeners through the spoken word. You’ll be glad you did … as meditation and prayer may take on a whole new meaning for you and inspire your life with audacious, bold, and courageous prayer-powered living!


LATEST EPISODE (Air date: Tuesday 07 November 2017)

Sitting Down to Stand Up
As she stood before the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C., recently, about to share an affirmative prayer as part of the Stand Up For Humanity event, our host declared her personal commitment. Here, through a motivating meditation, she invites us to join her in this pledge—by first taking a seat before taking a stand.


You’ll find Affirmative Prayer Treatments on our Prayer Resources page, including some which were featured on the show.



“I selfishly own nothing, yet all things in existence are mine to use and in Divine Wisdom, to bestow upon others.”



Here’s what people are saying…

“Thank you for your radio program, “Touching the Stillness”. I have had trouble sleeping and find your spoken prayer and meditation soothing and comforting. As a former radio station manager I am a fairly good judge of quality programming. Among the programs I have listened to on Unity [Online Radio], “Touching the Stillness” is one of the best.” Mary Helen, M.Dickinson, Texas

“I listen to the new Touching the Stillness podcasts on Unity Online Radio every week – after a long day at work it is the perfect way to unwind and become centered again. Paulette’s voice is soothing and delightful and her shows are always interesting. I feel like I know her because she shares so much of her loving heart; and her guidance is truly a beacon of light for me.” Diana R.Phoenix, Arizona


“Thank you for your programs on Unity Online Radio and the guided meditations in particular. Your love for what you do creates an inspiring energy that is evident in your respect for and receptivity to your guests, your choice of topics, and your comments to your listeners. Your singular and resonant voice, loving attitude, and spiritual perspectives do much to add to my spiritual growth… and as a result I’ve seen measurable change in my relationship to God, others, and myself.” Edward P.Pensacola, FL


“Goodness, Woman! You ROCK!!! You spoke directly to my soul today. One Million ‘Thank You’s until I have a million dollars to give to you; I owe you at least that much for all the good you bring!”Greg A.Huntsville, AL