Blissful Stillness, the new meditation CD by Rev. Paulette Pipe due out in Spring 2015, will not disappoint! In addition to her signature alchemical voice, and a new instrumental sound by Kelley Hunt, it includes a bonus vocal track created especially for the album; and a title vocal track by Kathy Zavada. Pre-order your copy today and be one of the first to experience a blissful immersion into quiet and stillness.
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Whether listened to one at a time, or as one consecutive meditation, the mesmerizing tracks on this CD will transport you to a sacred resting place of stillness. So go ahead, push pause on your life and allow these three distinctive soulful meditations bring you into a state of peace. Featuring music by Kelley Hunt – including bonus song Touch the Stillness.
CD Length: 72:00 minutes

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Resting the Stillness Also Available For Download!

This CD will transport you beyond thoughts and sounds to a sacred place of soul-remembrance, where Universal Truth about self, oneness, true source and identity, can more easily be embraced.
CD Length: 62:37 minutes

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