If prayer is a way to commune with God then Affirmative Prayer is a conscious way to do so –through the power of the spoken word.

Affirmative prayer helps give expression to, or affirm the Truth, our intellect is trying to grasp. It can be a really powerful tool to use – not to cajole, beseech, or impress God but to change our perception of a situation and any false beliefs, or limiting ideas we may hold about it or ourselves.

Imagine a clear jug to which is added a mixture of different colored dyes until the bottom of the jug contains a dark murky mixture. Then imagine pouring pure clear water into the jug. As the pure clean water is added to the vessel it dilutes the murky mixture. The more clear water that is added to the jug, the clearer the mixture becomes – until it has no more tint from the dye.

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Affirmations work in much the same way; they act like the clearing agent being poured into the jug that dilutes the mixture of murky thoughts, beliefs, erroneous words, and negativity swilling around in our consciousness.

This is a helpful analogy to bear in mind if, while stating an affirmation, we experience resistance that says, “I don’t believe this,” or “this isn’t true”. Just remember… it’s simply a clearing process to replace the negative with the positive.

In other words, affirmative prayer is an effective tool that can change everything…because it changes us!


Ultimately, though, the greatest power of prayer goes beyond words, or the fulfillment of needs.

Contemplative prayer is a wordless form of prayer that focuses our mind on the Higher Power within us. It is a practical way to take the focus off the challenge, off the fulfillment of our needs, and away from the urge to change the uncomfortable circumstances of our life; instead we are called to place our attention squarely on the Divine.

In contemplative prayer mode we understand more deeply, and can then better express, our true spiritual identity. While reposed in silent prayer, in this sanctuary of our soul, we are seeking nothing but a greater connection with God. In this mode of prayer we more easily tap into the kind of unfathomable faith that expects only the highest good to come forth in every area of our lives – without our ever having to strain to attain it.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness (right thinking) and all these things will be yours as well”. Matt 6:33